Hogwarts Forever - The Sims 3 Experience

This is Magic! Come live a completely new experience in a world created for Sims 3, strictly based on the architecture of Hogwarts, of the Harry Potter books, games and movies.
Because only Hogwarts can live forever!

Hello World! I'm the Architect of Hogwarts, the man who discover that create Hogwarts Castle can be a real passion! I've finished the 3th grade of Oporto Architecture School, which explains my tante in creating spaces. This project for Sims 3 is called "HOGWARTS FOREVER", inspired by the John Williams music with the same name.  My new creation is inspired in the ARCHITECTURE of Hogwarts.
Enjoy my videos or my tumblr. The download will be available soon.

Hogwarts Forever was a entirely new world, with the Hogwarts Castle hills and fields, and Hogsmeade Village. It was created with Sims 3 (with World Adventures and Generations packs).

I'm tired now... Do you want to continue this quest? ;)

Gryffindor Common Room
Transfiguration Classroom

Great Staircase

The Hospital Wing

Great Hall

Slytherin Common Room

Hogsmeade Village 

Three Bromsticks

Residential Area in Hogsmeade

Market Place


Hogwarts Forever Videos!

Hogwarts is my Project

(fl. circa 993) I was the architect responsible for planning and designing Hogwarts Castle,  along with Founder Rowena Ravenclaw, who devised the ever-changing floorplan. (harrypotter.wikia)  Today? I’m actually in College of Architecture in Oporto.