Hogwarts Forever AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Thank you for the patience!! Yes there is a letter from Hogwarts to you!
A new Harry Potter World for Sims 3, with Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmeade Village and the Grounds - "Hogwarts Forever"- is AVAILABLE to everyone!! For the Architect this project finished right now, and he would like that you continue his job.
Because only Hogwarts can live forever!

Enjoy and leave a comment!!!

Hogwarts Castle

Me ;)

Hogwarts Grounds

Hogwarts Castle

Great Hall

 Transfiguration Classroom

 Charms Classroom

Myrtle's Bathroom

Dumbledore's Office

Portrait Gallery

Chamber of Secrets

Herbology Greenhouses

Umbridge's office

Slytherin Common Room

 Grand Staircase

Gryffindor Common Room

Hospital Wing

Potions Classroom

Prefects' Bathroom

Hogwarts Portraits

Hogwarts Grounds

Entrance Courtyard

Clock Tower Courtyartd


Quidditch Pitch


Hagrid's Hut

Hogsmeade Village

Hogsmeade Village 

Three Bromsticks

Inside Three Bromsticks

Inside Three Bromsticks

Residential Area

Entrance to the Ministery of Magic

Shrieking Shack 

Zonko’s and HoneyDuke’s

Inside Zonko's

Hogsmeade Station


"Hogwarts Forever" - the project in Youtube

Epic discover of Chamber of Secrets :)