FIXED VERSION!!! | "Hogwarts Forever 2.0" - a Harry Potter World for Sims 3

Yes, I know, my Harry Potter world for Sims 3 had lots of errors and problems. Now I fixed them all, so Hogwarts and Hogsmeade Village are now complete!! :D , with shops like Zonko's and HoneyDukes with interiors (not only the facade). In Hogsmeade you can work in some lots like the Ministery of Magic (city hall), Burgin an Burkes or St. Mungus Hospital. Now you can really live in Hogsmeade Village!!! :D 

This is what you can find in Hogsmeade of "Hogwarts Forever":

D... H... a nectary 
Three Broomsticks and Madam Puddifoot's tea store. 
G... a small shop
HoneyDukes where you can buy any thing you want. 
L... a relics store
Zonko's where you can buy relics from all over the world. 
K.... a elixir store
Burgin and Burkes, where you can buy ingredients for your potions (if you have Supernatural) 
I... a city hall
Ministery of Magic 
E... a hospital
St Mungus Hospital 
J... a big market
in this Market, with a lot of tents where your sims can have fun! 

In Hogwarts Castle I've fixed too the accessibilities among the diverse spaces: now it's really easy walk on the castle and live inside it!

The Hogwarts Castle is divided by the different needs: 

H...the residencial area 
is the Grand Staircase, where are the common rooms, hospital wing and Prefect's Bathroom. You can live also in Hagrid's Hut!! 
F...the kithen and dining room 
is the Great Hall, where you can cook at the kitchens and eat in the Great Hall. 
J...the "living room" 
is the Classrooms Area, where you can learn all the skills - if you have Supernatural expansion pack, of course, you can learn magic in Charms, Transfiguration and Potions Classrooms, and create magic plants in Herbology GreenHouses. And attention!! Here is also the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets! Can you find it? 
E...a music space 
in the Clock Tower, where are the school choir practice :)
B...a sports area
in the Quidditch Picth, where you can practice flying on broom. (with Supernatural EP
G...a fishing zone
in the BoatHouse 

You can also visit the graveyard, where Dumbledore lies and the Hogwarts' Gates, where Filch hid some Muggle objects :) 

To download this world you need Sims 3 World Adventures + Seasons Pack.

IF YOU PREFER, you can choose a second version of Hogwarts Forever for Supernatural + World Adventures + Seasons. Of course this is a most complete way to enjoy this Harry Potter world: in this versions, lots of magical objects were added to all lots!!  

To play, FIRST, install the content from the dowloads folder;
THEN, copy Mods folder to the directory  
documents\Electronic Arts\ Sims 3;
AFTER, copy Saves folder to the directory documents\Electronic Arts\Sims 3

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  1. Small problem. Every time I try to go to edit town I crash to desktop.

    I have all the EPs needed and I followed the installation instructions to the letter.

    1. I have the same exact problem as well- has anyone fixed this issue?

    2. Same problem here, I know the problem are in the save but I don't know how to solve this.

    3. I'm having the same issue, and when I just look around the world I crash to the desktop as well :/

  2. What EPs do I need? I had whats written and then I saw an item which requiress fast lane stuff.

  3. I can´t install it can anybody help me?

  4. For everyone having trouble playing the game, try this:

    Load the game.
    After it loads it will ask if you want to move the family, select NO.
    Then it will ask if you want to place lots, select NO.

    It should load just fine after that. If it still crashes, considering lowering your graphics settings and restarting the game.

    1. That does not help.
      The score makes problems.
      It is incompatible.
      The builder has unfinished ends the world in CAW and completed in the game.
      That was a big mistake.

  5. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  6. Hello, your world can be loaded, but it can not save itself.
    You could have the world better completed in CAW.
    The Savegame does not really work.
    Very sad.
    I wanted to start with a small project of your world. But that is nothing.
    The world itself can be loaded, but it is largely empty.
    Do you have any idea how to deal with that?
    The world itself can be loaded, but it is largely empty.
    Do you have any idea how to deal with that?

  7. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  8. Where in the game does it show up? It's not in worlds or empty lots... Please help, I really want to play it looks so cool

  9. Hello, does this world still work without bugs in TS3 with all expansions installed? Thanks for your reply, Ill keep checking back ^_^

  10. Can't I just copy the items from the mods folder to my mods folder? I already have mods I use, I don't want to be forced to get rid of them.

    1. You don't have to get rid of your current mods, just add new mods to that folder too so they are all together :)

  11. It's very disappointing that this world crashes every time you want to edit town.

    Most people like the option to move other sims into the town. If you load the save file, more buildings are available e.g. Hagrids Hut. If you load as a new world, the town is practically empty!

    A heads up for anyone thinking of downloading this, it will not be worth the time it takes to download everything, and make sure all files are in the right folders until the edit town issue is fixed :)

    (p.s. I have tried fixed version, I have every EP, a decent laptop and made sure I took my time making sure all files are where they should be)

  12. I love the graphics of this world and wished to copy an HP RP Second Life sim with it, but nope, does not work :< . I have all EPs, SPs and recent updates. Would love an update on this world as no save cleaning or anything made it work. It is the best Hogwarts around, be it Sims 1 or 4. Would be grateful if someone (not even the creator), made it work.

    1. No updates from what I can tell. I used to play SL. not in a long time though

    2. I couldn't get this to work, it's a shame because it looks like a lot of work and passion went into this!

      btw where am I meant to put the nav.bin file located in the downloads folder?

    3. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  13. Judging by the comments it seems they have given up on working on this world. What a shame. I have designed one, the best I could, in Sims 4 but was really looking forward to this Sims 3 option.

  14. Love this world! I have used it before and I'm installing it again

  15. i can't install "A Hogwart's life":(((

  16. The hogwarts is brilliant and so detailed and in many ways fits with how I also imagine the castle based on the movies, games, and official models. It’s gorgeous and detailed. I can see it must have taken a long time and has been a significant project for you!

    The major problem is, as stated in other comments, that you can’t save the game or edit town. Starting a new world doesn’t help either because the world on its own is unfinished compared to the save game.

    Its SUCH a shame because this is such a brilliant recreation of Hogwarts and has obviously taken you a great deal of time, only to be rendered unplayable by some bugs that might be avoidable if a finished version of the world was available without the save game.

    I will fiddle around with the packages and find some way of playing this, I am so determined to figure out how to get it to work because it’s such an incredible piece of work and without a doubt the best Hogwarts rendition ever created for any of the Sims game.

    1. I'm so happy to see someone wanting to work on this, if you would like a play tester I'd be more than happy to do so!